Subaru Outback driving through a lush green forest.

Here at Subaru, we know that nobody can ignore the global impact that we, especially heavy industries, have on the environment. If we are truly committed to protecting the environment for both ourselves and our future generations, we must make significant changes to the ways we used to do things. That's why Subaru of America has done exactly that. From the CEO on down, and from manufacturing to dealerships, we have made big, conscientious changes to our processes in order to make the dream of sustainable business a reality. As Tom Doll, the CEO and President of Subaru of America said:

"At Subaru, we feel it's our personal responsibility to protect Earth's natural wonders and encourage our retailers and customers to engage in smart environmental practices, simply because it's the right thing to do."

Read on, and find out exactly what that means.

The Subaru Zero Landfill Plant

In 2004, our Subaru of Indiana manufacturing plant became the first automotive assembly facility to be "zero landfill". Today, every single Subaru product is manufactured in one of our zero-landfill plants. What does that mean? It means that everything we used to throw away is now either recycled, or turned into electricity. Scrap metal is collected to become smaller parts. Our weld-testing process now doesn't produce any waste at all. Styrofoam and plastic that's used to ship parts to us is returned to be reused over and over again. Believe it or not, a single-family home creates more waste each day than our SIA production plant creates in a whole year!

National Wildlife Habitat

The National Wildlife Federation designated our Subaru of Indiana Automotive plant as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat. Believe it or not, thanks to a complex filtration system, the water leaving this facility is even cleaner than it was when it entered it! The water and land in the 832 acre site is a healthy home for all of its indigenous wildlife. That includes white-tail deer, Canadian geese, red-tail hawks, mallard ducks, blue herons, beavers, coyotes, snapping turtles, and bald eagles. We've been doing this for almost 20 years now.

Partial Zero Emission Vehicles

The automotive industry's transition from gasoline to electric vehicles won't be instant, nor will it be easy. But Subaru has been taking pioneering steps in this transformation; one of which is certified Partial Zero Emission Vehicles, or PZEV. We've been offering these vehicles all over the United States, in the form of our Legacy, Outback, and Forester models. These vehicles meet California's strict Super-Ultra-Low-Emission vehicle standards. Vehicles that meet this high standard can have even lower emissions than a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle!

Share the Love Garden

Subaru of America is making hope grow with the Subaru Share the Love Garden; a unique corporate initiative that donates to regional food banks that are close-by. Six 10 foot by 10 foot garden plots have been adopted and are lovingly tended to by teams of employees at the Subaru headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Subaru has partnered with Greensgrow, an urban gardening organization that's helping even our most novice gardeners develop a green thumb.

Environmental Partnerships

Even with all we do to help the ecosystems around us, we know we can't solve all of the threats to America's environment all on our own. That's why we've partnered with multiple organizations that share our vision of a healthy planet. As a partner of the National Park Foundation, we've provided critical support to over 100 national parks. Subaru and our retailers have partnered with Terracycle® to help transform trash into useful durable goods that benefit our communities. We've also partnered with the National Forest Foundation to help replant 500,000 trees in areas devastated by the California wildfires.

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