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Learn More About Genuine Subaru Brakes & Brake Components in Columbus

Subaru parts and chemicals: Subaru brakes.

Ensuring the readiness of your Subaru’s brakes is paramount to maintaining its safety system, and at Byers Airport Subaru, we are committed to providing you with the necessary support. In our parts department, you will find genuine OEM brakes, identical to the brakes originally equipped on your Subaru at the factory. These brakes are meticulously crafted to precisely fit your vehicle, promoting its longevity and optimal performance. When you visit our parts department at Byers Airport Subaru, don’t hesitate to inquire about genuine OEM parts tailored for your specific vehicle.

Benefits of Factory Original Brakes

Subaru consistently receives numerous safety accolades from prestigious institutions in the automotive industry year and year. In 2021, Subaru achieved an impressive feat by earning nine Top Safety Pick awards from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, surpassing all other brands and securing the most Top Safety Pick+ recognitions since 2013. One of the key contributors to these esteemed honors lies in Subaru’s exceptional brake system. The genuine Subaru brakes seamlessly integrate with other relevant vehicle systems, ensuring optimal performance in any driving scenario while maintaining ideal operating temperatures. Consequently, this results in a prolonged lifespan for brake pads, reduced chances of rotor warping, and minimized risk of caliper seal failures. As a Subaru owner, you and your loved ones can embark on every journey with peace of mind, knowing that your car or SUV prioritizes your safety above all else.

When Should You Replace Your Brakes?

Determining the frequency of brake replacement for your Subaru depends on individual driving habits and the specific model you own. The diverse range of Subaru models, each with their unique sizes, weights, and designs, directly influences the lifespan of brakes. An effective indicator that it’s time for a brake replacement is the presence of a squealing sound when you apply the brakes. If you notice this noise, it is advisable to promptly bring your vehicle to Byers Airport Subaru’s service center for a brake replacement. Additionally, a helpful guideline is to have the skilled technicians at our service center inspect your brakes during routine maintenance, such as an oil change. This proactive approach ensures that any necessary brake replacements are identified and addressed in a timely manner.

Discover A Wide Range of Subaru Parts & Fluids at Byers Airport Subaru

At Byers Airport Subaru, we are committed to providing you with exceptional support in maintaining your Subaru car or SUV. One way we achieve this is by offering a comprehensive selection of top-notch parts and fluids that match the quality and precision of those originally installed at the factory. Our highly skilled technicians, trained directly by the manufacturer, are more than happy to handle all your maintenance needs in our advanced service center. To assist you in saving money, we regularly feature monthly specials on accessories, parts, and fluids. Whether you’re in search of a specific item or simply looking to cut costs, be sure to explore our current specials. If you don’t find what you need this month, don’t worry; our specials are constantly updated. Opting for genuine Subaru parts for your vehicle not only ensures a perfect fit but can also contribute to long-term cost savings. These parts are specifically engineered to match the exact specifications of your Subaru. You can conveniently browse our extensive parts inventory online, or if you prefer a more personal experience, we invite you to visit our dealership at 401 North Hamilton Road in Columbus.

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