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The brakes on your Subaru are the most important system, and we want to make sure that your brakes are ready for anything the road has to offer. The OEM Subaru brakes available in our parts department are the same that came on your Subaru from the factory, and they're specifically designed to be ideal for your model. As genuine Subaru parts, you know that they're made to be a precise fit and meet, or exceed, every specification determined by the engineers that designed your world-renowned Subaru.

Why Get Factory Original Brakes for Your Subaru?

Nothing is engineered quite like a Subaru, and nothing is more important than the brakes. Trusting genuine Subaru brakes means that they'll work perfectly with other related systems like the Subaru Vehicle Dynamics Control technology, antilock brakes, and they'll maintain appropriate temperatures no matter what kind of driving you do. This can also mean that each set of brake pads last longer, rotors are less likely to warp, and calipers are less likely to blow a seal and leave you headed down the road with no brakes.

How Often Should You Change the Brakes on Your Subaru?

Brake pads on any vehicle are wear items that must be replaced as they become thinner. Since everyone has different driving habits, and Subaru models vary in size, weight, and design which affects brake life, there is no set schedule for having brakes replaced. If you hear a squeal coming from your vehicle when you apply the brakes, bring it in right away for new brakes. Otherwise, we strongly recommend that you have our expert technicians inspect the brakes when you're in for other Subaru maintenance like an oil change.

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Why Get Your Subaru Parts & Fluids at Byers Airport Subaru

When it comes to taking the best care of your Subaru, it pays to trust the same quality and precision parts and fluids that came from the factory. That's exactly what you'll find in our well-stocked Parts Department at Byers Airport Subaru. Be sure to check our monthly special offers on parts, fluids, and accessories to save even more. If you'd rather leave the wrench-turning to the experts, no one knows Subaru engineering better than the factory-certified technicians in our state-of-the-art Subaru service center. We also have frequently updated special offers available for common services. No matter who's going to be taking care of your Subaru, you can save even more with genuine remanufactured Subaru parts. Browse our parts online, or simply stop by our convenient location at 401 North Hamilton Road, Columbus, OH 43213. At Byers Airport Subaru, we're proud to serve your Subaru needs.