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Alternators are a common problem in vehicles as they age. The good news is replacing them is a fairly straightforward process. The bad news is the part itself can be expensive. Luckily, our parts center at Byers Airport Subaru offers like-new, remanufactured alternators that deliver factory-quality performance without the heavy price tag.

Subaru remanufactured parts are completely disassembled by Subaru technicians and repaired, serviced, fully cleaned, and reassembled. Once that's done, they are subjected to the same rigorous testing and meet the same standards as all of the brand-new Subaru factory parts. If all goes well, the remanufactured part makes it onto the shelves of our parts center, where they offer like-new assurance with a value-packed price tag. If you have any questions about remanufactured parts, OEM factory parts, or anything else regarding the maintenance of your Subaru, give us a call or swing by for a visit at Byers Airport Subaru in Columbus, OH.

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