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Let's be honest: no one wants to work on a transmission. They're incredibly heavy, they're often difficult to access, and modern automatic transmissions are increasingly complex. When simple fixes fail, instead of going through all the effort of repairing your own transmission for uncertain results, we propose you simply replace it with a like-new, remanufactured transmission instead.

Our parts center deals exclusively with genuine Subaru OEM parts, and the remanufactured parts we sell are subjected to the same rigorous testing that brand new factory parts are. Remanufactured parts offer the same peace-of-mind that factory parts offer without the burden of their price tag. These parts are totally disassembled by Subaru technicians and repaired/replaced, serviced, and cleaned before hitting our shelves. We offer all kinds of remanufactured parts, so if you have any questions, feel free to stop by or give our parts center a call today!

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