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Don't let the price of new parts prevent you from replacing those worn out axle shafts on your Subaru. Instead, get a remanufactured CV axle from our parts center at Byers Airport Subaru. A remanufactured half-shaft means you can trust it just like a brand-new part, but you don't have to pay that brand-new price.

A Subaru remanufactured part is more than just a repaired, used piece of equipment. To be branded "remanufactured," a part is completely disassembled by Subaru technicians. Then, any worn-out competents are repaired or replaced, the entire part is serviced and cleaned, and then it's reassembled. After the reassembly, the part is subject to the same tests and held to the same standards that brand-new factory Subaru parts are. This means the remanufactured CV joint is just as reliable and functional as a brand-new axle shaft. If you have any questions about remanufactured Subaru parts, or anything else related to your Subaru, give us a call! Or stop by and talk to a member of our team in person today.

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