Our family-owned business has been around for more than 122 years, so we've been part of the community around the Columbus and Pickerington area for a while now, to say the least. We're always looking for new ways to get involved in our community. One way is by continuing to support Columbus Dog Connection, which is an organization near and dear to our hearts. We've donated $15,000 to Columbus Dog Connection, and we're honored to be known as the Subaru brand's "most pet-friendly dealership."

Pet of the Month

Here at Byers Airport Subaru, we love dogs! That's why we've developed a relationship with Columbus Dog Connection, a local organization that offers numerous resources to help keep our canine friends happy and healthy in our community. We're delighted and honored to team up with this incredible organization. We also feature a new Pet of the Month on this page every month, so you can check back to learn about a new pet near Westerville and Gahanna.

Learn About Columbus Dog Connection

Columbus Dog Connection is on Johnstown Road in Columbus, OH, so it's close by our dealership! They're active members of the community, and they do a great deal of work to care dogs and other furry friends. Their services include sheltering animals and finding forever homes for them, veterinary services, volunteer work, and much more. Their dedication to keeping the pets of our community safe and happy helps immensely, and we're proud to support this amazing group of individuals.

Learn About Byers Airport Subaru

Connect with us at our Subaru dealership serving New Albany, OH today to learn more about our community involvement and our team-ups with local organizations like Columbus Dog Connection. We look forward to meeting you!

Meet George

Super-cuddly, loves to play, does well w the cat, knows sit, stay and come here. Tough to train him since he does not care about treats, but he wants to please and loves verbal praise. Wants to cuddle and be close to you at all times. Can be crated but not crazy at going in, but will if you lavish him with love. He sleeps in the crate even while we are still watching tv in the evening, so he seems pretty comfortable with the crate.

Walking: he does pull a little bit, especially the first 10min of the walk, but it is not bad for now. Needs work on walking, meeting other people. This poor guy belonged to a couple in their 80's. He didn't get out a lot and needs an adult home to continue his introduction to the world and usual life occurrences. Because he is still getting to know the world, we are looking for an adult home that will have the patience for slow introductions.

Past Pets Of The Month


An adorable 2-year-old Chiweenie, weighing a little over 12 lbs.

Ryan has the most soulful and innocent eyes, a resting cute face, is as loving as can be, and no joke in the cuddle department! He is a gentle soul, with an enormous heart. People, cats, dogs, Ryan gets along with everyone.

Ryan LOVES the outdoors! Nothing cheers him up more than going for a walk, a trip to the park, or a car ride. He walks excellent on a leash and will match your pace to walk as slow or fast as you do. During car rides he prefers the windows to be rolled down, so he can soak up the sight and smells while feeling the breeze in his face. He instantly perks upon hearing "let's go"!

When at home, he is very low-key. He is always on the hunt for snuggles, he will follow you around the house. And all he needs is a warm spot to take a nap, a nice big window to gaze out of, and a doggy sibling for company.

Ryan is a very good boy overall, house trained, gentle with treats, and mild-mannered.

Whether it's a night of snacks, snuggling and sitcoms, a day of running errands, or a nice long walk, Ryan will be happy to be by your side! So, if you are looking for a cuddly little dog, who is cute as a button, low maintenance, and adventurous, Ryan will make a perfect companion.


26lbs, 3.5yrs, Schnauzer and mini Pinscher mix. She is a very laid back pooch, calm personality even in play, but learning to play chase with her foster siblings. Minnie always wants to be with her person, loves to walk with you, lay near you. She is quiet most of the time, but will bark occasionally at neighbors across the yard. She comes well upon command and rides well in the car.

Buckeye and Brutus

These boys love each other, and where one is you'll find the other. They do everything together, from playing to eating to sleeping. Buckeye and Brutus would do well with an active family in a home with a fenced yard where they have plenty of room to run and wrestle. The boys can get a bit barky at the fence, so a lower-traffic area would be best. We haven't seen how Buckeye or Brutus do with cats yet. If you are looking for a couple of pups who love playing and cuddling with people as much as they love each other, then Buckeye and Brutus are the boys for you. They are very food motivated (and not picky about food/will take medicine easily) and have learned to sit.

Brutus is 1 yr, 48lbs

Buckeye is 1yr, 32lbs. (Buckeye is the smaller, brown dog)