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If there’s one term most drivers are familiar with, it’s alternators. This part is crucial to keep your ride functioning, but as your vehicle ages, your alternator wears down and needs a replacement. The process is fairly straightforward, but the part itself can be quite expensive. To help curb some of the costs of this repair without leaving you high and dry, our technicians here at Byers Airport Subaru have a solution to get you back on the road quickly. In our parts department you can check out like-new, remanufactured alternators that are held at the same standards as new products, but without the high dollar price tag.

Marked components of a alternator

The process of remanufacturing a part can be tedious but the end product comes to a more affordable price point for many buyers. Our Subaru-certified technicians go through the process of repairing the part, ensuring it is fully serviced, cleaned and reassembled back into working order. Once that is completed, the remanufactured parts are subject to the same rigorous testing that brand new parts are held to. If you have any questions about remanufactured parts, the process, or even what we currently have in stock. We invite you to give us a call or stop in to chat here in Columbus. Our experts are always prepared to answer your questions and help to find a solution if need be.

A) Front Housing

Part is fully cleaned, inspected and retapped to the rigorous standards of Subaru, including the proper installation of housings with the drain hole correctly located to allow moisture to drain. Replacements include only genuine components from Subaru to return the part to the original OEM specifications.

B) Armature

Replacement parts are used to meet the standards of genuine Subaru components and the OEM specifications. This part focuses on continuity performance and is tested to ensure it is functioning.

C) Pulley

Replaced or refinished as required after being checked for damage.

Alternator in real time action

D) Bearings

Aiming to have this function as a like-new unit, bearings are 100% replaced with new genuine Subaru front and rear bearings. This offers a long-life operation to keep your remanufactured part performing well.

E) Stator

A 600 volt performance test is administered to see how the stator is functioning. Anything that isn’t working is replaced with OEM components that meet the rigorous standards set by Subaru. Needs to be able to confirm insulation integrity and that the unit performs to Subaru specifications to pass inspection.

F) Terminals and Insulators

This is 100% replaced with new genuine Subaru components to ensure proper conductivity is provided and insulation is where it’s needed to be to prevent unit failure.

G) Commutator

This is remachined to the average 8 micron runout with a maximum 20 micron. Helps to avoid brush bounce to provide consistent voltage output to ensure the unit meets genuine OEM specifications.

Outside casing of an alternator

H) Voltage Regulator

Completely 100% replaced with genuine OEM components to provide long-life durability.

I) Rectifier / Diodes

A 300 volt performance test is administered to ensure that components meet OEM specifications and anything that does not is replaced with new genuine Subaru components.

J) Rear Housing

Refinished to Subaru specifications to provide necessary insulation and corrosion protection.

K) Brushes, Springs and Brush Holder

This is 100% replaced as brushes are a wear item and the spring replacements help to prevent any brush bounce which can lead to rapid wear. Replaced with genuine Subaru components.


Chromate plated with new or zinc/yellow to provide necessary corrosion protection and a superior finished appearance.

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