A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Is the Best of Both Worlds

Subaru Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles
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It’s not as expensive as a new car, and it’s not as risky as buying an ordinary used car. How, you may ask? Well, when a special Subaru gets sold to us that’s not too old and doesn’t have too much mileage, we send it to our famous Byers Airport Subaru Service Department. There, our top-notch team of factory trained and certified technicians look it over with a fine-toothed comb. By that, we mean there are over a thousand things they check; and everything that’s likely to be a problem in a used vehicle is in that list. Whenever they find anything that falls even a bit short of the high standards of a Subaru, they fix it or replace it. By the time they’re done, that car or SUV has earned its certification, which means we can sell it to you with coverage that’s backed by Subaru of America itself.

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That includes a powertrain warranty that lasts a full 7 years or 100,000 miles. Because of it’s higher desirability and value, a CPO Subaru is priced a bit higher than if it was simply “used”, but it’s still priced quite a bit less than a new model. In short, here are the biggest reasons to buy a Certified Pre-Owned car or SUV from Byers Airport Subaru:

  • Has a lower purchase price than a new car
  • Undergone an inspection and repair process
  • Includes coverage backed by Subaru of America
  • Holds its value better than a new car
  • CARFAX Vehicle History Report and Buyback Guarantee included
Subaru on Off Road Terrain

Subaru Quality and Durability

Perhaps the best thing about a CPO Subaru is… well, that it’s a Subaru. With cunning design and exacting standards in manufacturing, Subaru vehicles were built to last through years and years of vigorous use in the real world, and come out the other side smiling. And that’s not just a clever saying. Of all the vehicles Subaru has built and sold in the past 10 years, 96% of them are still on the road. Yes, you read that right. Ten years. Ninety-six percent. So even when you buy a Subaru that’s been around for a while, you still have good reason to think that it’ll be around for a lot longer. You might even get tired of your Subaru long before it gets tired of you, and decide to sell it. That’s when you’ll get to experience another great advantage of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle: it retains more of its initial value than a new car does. That’s right. A new vehicle loses financial value the moment it’s driven off the lot, because then it’s legally “used”. But that’s already happened to a CPO vehicle, so you won’t need to take that hit; and if you decide to sell your CPO Subaru somewhere down the line, you’ll get back a higher percentage of the money you paid for it.

But even with all these great facts and figures, nothing beats taking a CPO Subaru for a test drive, and seeing… and feeling, and hearing… just how good it is. So come visit us at 401 North Hamilton Road in Columbus, Ohio.