Hybrid and Electric: The Future of Commuting Is At Byers

Compare The All-New Subaru Electric & Hybrid Models vs Our Competitors Makes & Models

Even though we’re more than two decades into the twenty-first century, Byers Airport Subaru doesn’t have any flying cars in our inventory. But, to be fair, neither does anybody else. What we do have are electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. And while they don’t make that beeping-whistling sound that the cars in cartoons from the 1950s did when they whizzed past you, we think you’ll agree when we say that the real “cars of the future” are actually a lot cooler than our grandparents ever thought they would be. Features like EyeSight® Driver Assist Technologies, a panoramic view monitor, and auto-dimming mirrors will have you feeling like you’re driving a secret agent’s car in 2050. If you’d like to see just how cool these hybrid and EV vehicles are, come to Byers Airport Subaru in Columbus, Ohio, and we’ll be happy to show you all the bells and whistles.

Subaru Solterra Model Comparisons

New Subaru Solterra Comparisons

Even in the futuristic stories of the past, there was something they probably knew, and didn’t want to talk about; fossil fuels won’t last forever. That’s a fact that many people don’t want to think about, even today. But there’s no way to make gasoline without oil, and there’s only so much of it in the Earth. That may seem like bad news, but really it just means that our cars and SUVs (and every other kind of vehicle anywhere) will eventually be powered by other means. Subaru is on board with the transition away from gasoline with the Crosstrek Hybrid, and especially with the Solterra, the first all-electric vehicle from Subaru.

Save Money, or Save the Planet? Now You Don’t Have to Choose.

You might be one of the many people who need to be careful with their money these days, looking for opportunities to save money; especially on recurring expenses, like gasoline. Or you might be one of the many, many people who are worried about the environment, and are wanting to help in whatever ways you can; especially in things you have to do over and over again, like throwing things away, or driving from one place to another. Either way, you’ll be very happy with a Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid or a Subaru Solterra. The Crosstrek Hybrid uses Subaru StarDrive Technology to get a stunning 90 MPGe. If you charge your Solterra at home, you can expect to pay about $9 to $10 for a full charge, which is a huge savings over even the most fuel-efficient gasoline-powered cars. The Solterra not only doesn’t need gasoline at all… it never needs an oil change. That’s right, never.

The biggest worry that most people have is about a hybrid or EV vehicle’s range. In the 2023 Crosstrek Hybrid, the battery recharges just by the engine running, so you never need to worry about running out of power. Both the Crosstrek Hybrid and the Solterra can be plugged in at home to charge the battery from zero to full in as little as 2 hours. There are also over 46,000 public charging stations across the country, with more to come, and they can recharge up to 80% of your drive battery in about an hour. Just in case you’re still on the fence about buying an EV, you should know that there are tax exemptions and government incentives and discounts just for EV drivers. Come by Byers Airport Subaru, and we’ll be happy to tell you all about them.