Subaru Major Maintenance at 90,000 Miles In Columbus, OH

Subaru 90,000 Miles Service in Columbus, OH

Once you’ve had your Subaru for a while, or if you purchased an older pre-owned vehicle, it may be easy to forget about routine maintenance. But in fact, the longer you’ve had your Subaru — or the older it is — the more important those suggested maintenance services really are. If your vehicle has been riding a little rougher lately, or if it has been running a little louder than normal, then it’s time to bring it to our certified Subaru service center for some routine maintenance. Did you know that Subaru engineers recommend a comprehensive major service be done on every Subaru model as the odometer reaches 90,000 miles? Learn more below.

Even if you feel like your Subaru is performing as good as ever, it’s a good idea to bring it into a trusted Subaru dealer like Byers Airport Subaru- especially if it’s reached the 90,000 mile mark. This is a service where certified technicians will perform maintenance that reaches beyond the typical oil change and tire rotation.

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90,000 Miles Will Take Their Toll On Any Vehicle

Subaru vehicles, for all their precautions and accolades, are still affected by Central Ohio roads and weather. Hoses can degrade, connectors can disconnect, fluid can dirty, the list of potential problems goes on, but as long as you stay on top of your suggested maintenance schedule, your Subaru will likely last you for years to come.

Even if you brought your vehicle in for the recommended 30,000 and 60,000 mile major services, and even if you regularly change your oil and check your fluids, time and use lead to wear and tear. After 90,000 miles, it’s safe to assume your Subaru has seen its fair share of the road, and it’s due for another major maintenance service.

There’s A Lot to be Done for the 90k Subaru Service

When you bring your Subaru in, the team at Byers Airport Subaru will go through an extensive and thorough process to make sure your vehicle continues to run as best as it can. These processes include:

  • Replacing timing belt (WRX STI models only)
  • Replace air filter
  • Inspect drive belts
  • Inspect fuel systems, lines, and connections
  • Replace air cleaner element
  • Inspect cooling systems, hoses, and connections
  • Check transmission gear oil (Excluding BRZ models)
  • Change brake fluid and your clutch fluid, if applicable

Other services can be performed at the 90,000 mile service, but Subaru recommends these be performed earlier at 84,000 Miles. These services include:

  • Inspect clutch operation
  • Inspect front and rear differential fluid (BRZ models only require rear differential)
  • Inspect brake lines, parking brake, and service brake system
  • Inspect steering and suspension

Also, always remember that Subaru recommends changing your oil and rotating your tires every 6,000 miles. Keeping up with simple maintenance like this is the best way to prevent unexpected problems with your vehicle.

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Byers Airport Subaru has been handling Subaru vehicles for over 50 years, and serving the Columbus, OH area for over 100 years. Their team is dedicated to helping you and making sure your car is performing as best as possible for you. The team at Byers Airport Subaru was awarded the 2021 Subaru Love Promise Customer Care and Continuity Award for their excellence in customer service. This dedicated team paired with the trusted, reliable brand that Subaru has become means that your vehicle’s service will be first class.