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Maintaining optimal performance levels for your O2 sensors can help you avoid potential issues with your Subaru in the future. It’s crucial to know if fuel is being burned in the engine while you drive as a wide range of problems can occur if combustion happens. To help prevent this issue an oxygen sensor is utilized. The oxygen levels are measured in exhaust gasses, and the measurements are sending information to your engine’s ECU computer. The sensor also helps to adjust the air/fuel ratio in your engine to optimize the burn. One of the reasons that poor engine performance happens as a result of the O2 sensors malfunctioning or failing, which transmits incorrect information to the ECU. The recommendation to help protect your O2 sensors is to use fuel specifically designed for your vehicle, which will help to prevent carbon build-up and ensures the cleanest possible burn.

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When Your O2 Sensor Doesn’t Get Replaced

Just like with anything else inside your ride, parts and accessories and even sensors need a repair or replacement overtime to keep functioning at peak levels. If you let a problem go for too long it can result in a bigger issue, which will ultimately end up costing you more in the end. If you notice your engine stalling, or a sluggish feel or rough driving whenever you try to head out on the road, this can be a result of your oxygen sensor going bad. When these issues arise you’ll end up with poor fuel economy, which costs you more MPG and means you’re polluting the areas you cruise even more than normal. If you don’t have the sensor checked out at all when you start noticing issues, and if it’s left for several months, this can cause damage to the catalytic converter and your engine, which makes the repairs significantly more expensive. Our expert Subaru technicians are always on hand to help, and can diagnose if there’s an issue with the sensor and get a replacement handled before catastrophe occurs if you stop in for a maintenance appointment. And if you do require a replacement, our technicians can get you taken care of in a timely manner.

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Your One Stop Service Center at Byers Airport Subaru

Whether you need a routine oil change or a diagnostic appointment, our team is always readily available to help. For services like an oxygen sensor replacement, we can run a check-up on your vehicle when you stop in but getting to the route of the problem can take a little extra time to ensure we’re offering the proper care to your ride. We aim to help keep your ride in the best condition possible, and for every repair or replacement done here at Byers Airport Subaru utilities OEM Subaru parts and accessories, so your ride is getting the best care possible no matter the service. If it’s going to take a longer amount of time than expected, we also have loaner vehicles available to help you continue on throughout your day while your ride is being taken care of.

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If you’re concerned about the care your vehicle needs, and want to go over in-depth what an oxygen sensor replacement service does for the care of your ride, or you’re just checking in to see what else your vehicle needs at this time, our talented Subaru-approved technicians are here to help. Our parts department is available to peruse at your leisure, so you can see everything currently available and if the part required isn’t in our service center, we can get it ordered for you and take the stress off of your shoulders. When it comes to the why’s of car repairs and vehicle maintenance, our technicians are the best around to help you better understand your Subaru. And when you stop in for your vehicle’s appointment we can also run a general diagnostic, to ensure nothing else needs to be immediately addressed on your ride. The care of your Subaru is our goal, and we want to make the process as easy and hassle free as can be. Visit us today at Byers Airport Subaru or give us a call to get on our books for your oxygen sensor replacement.