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Genuine Subaru Exterior Lights Check & Replace Service Information at Byers Airport Subaru in Columbus, OH

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When you’ve got an exterior light that’s not working on your car, like a headlight, turn signal or brake light, it does more than just affect your visibility. It also tarnishes the look of your car. Most importantly, it can be unsafe or even illegal to drive with some of these crucial lights not working properly. Luckily, these parts are usually inexpensive and relatively easy to replace by one of our experienced technicians. Find out how many dealer-certified mechanics it takes to change a light bulb at Byers! There’s no better team when it comes to getting your Subaru vehicle the highest quality care.

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How Long Do Exterior Lights Last On A Modern Car?

On the latest cars from Subaru and other brands, the LED exterior lighting systems are built such that they should never need parts preemptively replaced and should never wear out over the life of the vehicle! However, they’re more sophisticated than traditional halogen lamps, and should be maintained by dealership pros whenever you experience issues. By contrast, old-school Halogen bulbs are still used on many cars. They can last up to 1,000 hours of total illumination before needing to be replaced. While they can be more difficult to physically reach without the proper tools and know-how, replacing an old halogen headlight or brake light isn’t unlike changing the bulbs in the lamps in your living room.

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In most cases, if you need routine auto maintenance like an oil change, tire pressure adjustments, fresh wiper blades or a new air filter, you can simply drop by any time for fast, same-day service! But to make sure more involved maintenance is as seamless as possible to fit into your busy schedule, you can book your maintenance visit in advance. Or, give us a call with any questions and inquire about alternate transportation arrangements like our shuttle service and loaner cars.