Subaru Manual Transmission Fluid Change Service Information | Columbus, OH

Learn more about Subaru manual transmission fluid change service in Columbus, OH

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Learn more about Subaru manual transmission fluid change service in Columbus, OH

If you have a manual transmission in your Subaru, you may think that you don’t need your transmission fluid exchanged, but all transmissions will eventually require this service. The manual transmission in your Subaru relies on a variety of oils and fluids to do its job properly and, over time, these fluids can become contaminated and will need to be replaced. At Byers Airport Subaru, we’re the pros when it comes to Subaru manual transmission fluid exchange service. The owner’s manual for your specific model will contain information regarding recommended intervals for this service, but it’s a good idea to have the condition of the fluids checked each time you bring your Subaru in for maintenance. If it’s time for service, don’t delay! The parts in your manual transmission are vital to your Subaru, so it pays to protect them with proper lubrication.

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