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Muffler Replacement Service Information in Columbus, OH

Is your car growling and grumbling louder than it used to? That’s likely an exhaust leak, and could be caused by a damaged muffler. This creates all sorts of other issues too, including sluggish acceleration and poor fuel economy. So, it’s more than just a nuisance, it’s a problem you’ll want looked at by the experts in our service center. Since we have OEM parts and all the right tools for the job, we’ll make your vehicle drive and sound just like it should. Whether you suffered a fender-bender which broke a bracket letting the muffler drag on the ground or the muffler simply wore out from age and corrosion, this is a relatively fast, easy repair for the talented technicians at Byers Airport Subaru.

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How Did My Muffler Get Damaged?

Because they’re suspended from the bottom of the vehicle, the muffler is one of the lowest parts of the vehicle’s undercarriage. As such, it’s one of the most likely components to scrape or grind against a curb or the road surface if you hit a big pothole. However, the muffler can also be damaged by rust and corrosion over time.

If you suddenly find your vehicle makes a much louder, coarser engine sound, a damaged muffler may be to blame. Or, the muffler could be getting bypassed due to a crack or leak elsewhere in the exhaust system, like the exhaust manifold or the catalytic converter. Have an expert technician assess your vehicle’s exhaust system whenever you detect unusual noises or odors coming from your vehicle as you drive.

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Need a quick oil change, have questions for our technicians or need emergency repairs? Just give us a call or swing by our service center. For maintenance your vehicle needs soon, schedule your appointment in advance right here on our site and pick the time that works in your busy schedule! Be sure to ask about shuttle service or loaner vehicles if you need alternate transportation. At Byers, we make it easy to get the very best service for your Subaru.

Or, browse our service information pages and learn more about how we can keep your Subaru performing its best over the long road ahead.

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Why Get Service For Your Subaru At An Authorized Dealership Service Center?

You can always expect the highest quality and best value when you choose a genuine Subaru service center like ours at Byers Airport Subaru. Unlike the corner mechanic, or the quick-lube chain location, we use genuine Subaru parts and components for all repairs and services. That means you can count on the best fit and uncompromising quality no matter what work your vehicle needs done. We can perform all warranty repairs to manufacturer specifications. We can install genuine Subaru accessories, audio upgrades, and even performance improvements. We’re your one-stop shop for all the work your Subaru needs. Best of all, since we can keep your car on the road longer with better-quality parts and fewer follow-up visits, you’ll even get better value for money over the long haul. Let us show you a better way to care for your car at Byers Airport Subaru.