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The radiator is a key component of your vehicle’s cooling system. It’s an important system of small tubes and fins that allows air to flow through it, creating a large surface area where heat can be exchanged with the outside air. Essentially, the radiator is where hot coolant from the engine gets cooled down with the wind while you drive around. Coolant or antifreeze flows through the system, and could leak out of a damaged radiator. While most modern radiators feature plastic construction and modern coolant has corrosion and rust inhibitors included in the formulation, older vehicles could see rust formation on the radiator. If your radiator becomes corroded, clogged or leaks, that could allow the engine to overheat. Prevent severe engine damage and get your busted radiator replaced at Byers.

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What Are The Signs My Radiator Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced?

As we mentioned above, if the temperature needle in the gauge cluster starts creeping toward the red, or the engine oil temperature warning light turns on, that means the engine is running too hot. This is commonly caused by a clogged, corroded or damaged radiator. However, there are other components of the cooling system and the engine that may need to be inspected to pinpoint the source of the problem.

Since the radiator is located in the front of the vehicle just behind the front grille, any drips or puddles forming under the front of your car could be coolant leaking from the radiator. Coolant is usually green, orange or pink, so it’s easier to tell apart from something like engine oil or brake fluid.

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You can always expect the highest quality and best value when you choose a genuine Subaru service center like ours at Byers Airport Subaru. Unlike the corner mechanic, or the quick-lube chain location, we use genuine Subaru parts and components for all repairs and services. That means you can count on the best fit and uncompromising quality no matter what work your vehicle needs done. We can perform all warranty repairs to manufacturer specifications. We can install genuine Subaru accessories, audio upgrades, and even performance improvements. We’re your one-stop shop for all the work your Subaru needs. Best of all, since we can keep your car on the road longer with better-quality parts and fewer follow-up visits, you’ll even get better value for money over the long haul. Let us show you a better way to care for your car at Byers Airport Subaru.