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Genuine Subaru Alternator & Battery Repair Service Information at Byers Airport Subaru in Columbus, OH

Alternator & Charging System Repair At Byers Airport Subaru In Columbus Ohio

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Your engine generates a ton of mechanical energy that is used to propel the vehicle forward — but that does no good for your air conditioning system, stereo, power windows and other electrical accessories. For that, you need electrical energy. Your car’s alternator converts mechanical energy from the engine into usable electricity for all your car’s electronics! So, if you’re experiencing any problems with your Subaru’s charging system, or any odd glitches related to the electronics, head in to Byers Airport Subaru to have this problem diagnosed by certified Subaru experts.

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Don’t I Just Have A Dead Battery?

Problems that you might experience if your alternator isn’t working include failure to start the engine, dim or flickering lights and electronics that don’t work properly, shut off randomly, or don’t turn on at all.

Now, one who experiences a car that won’t start up in the morning might assume that it’s due to a dead battery. But the cause may actually be the alternator. As you drive, the alternator is supposed to recharge the battery. If the alternator has gone bad, the battery might discharge, even though it’s still a perfectly good battery — it just needs to be charged up again, and the alternator needs to be repaired.

The best way to correctly diagnose this problem is to trust the factory trained experts at Byers Airport Subaru. We’ll be able to get to the source of the problem so you don’t replace a perfectly-good battery, or spend too much time chasing down electrical gremlins in your car.

Getting The Auto Care Your Vehicle Needs At Byers Airport Subaru

If you’re in need of this service, any other automotive maintenance or repair, or even if you just have questions and concerns, the warm and friendly technicians at Byers Airport Subaru want to help you out. You can schedule an appointment here on our site, so you won’t be waiting around for your turn when you arrive. Or, just give us a call or stop by to speak with a technician about your car. You’ll find us by the airport at 401 North Hamilton Road, Columbus, OH 43213.

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To find out more, browse more of our informational auto service pages, so you can familiarize yourself with the services your vehicle might need. Or, just speak with one of our technicians when you arrive. The best service keeps your car in better shape, so you don’t spend more than you need to on additional repairs down the road. We’ll be glad to speak with you about your car and help you keep it running stronger, longer, for less!