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Brake Shoe Replacement Service Information at Byers Airport Subaru in Columbus, OH

In the world of modern Subaru vehicles, all-wheel disc brakes reign supreme, offering optimal stopping power and performance. However, in older Subaru models, drum brakes were commonly found on the rear wheels. While drum brakes may lack the sophistication of disc brakes, they boast simplicity and durability, allowing them to endure for extended periods. Despite their differences, both drum and disc brakes share a common component: the friction pad. In drum brakes, this vital component is known as the "drum shoe." Over time and use, drum shoes wear down and require replacements to maintain braking efficiency and safety. If your older Subaru vehicle is equipped with drum brakes and requires new drum shoes, look no further than the Byers Airport Subaru service department. Our skilled technicians will utilize high-quality brake shoes to ensure your vehicle stops with precision and confidence, regardless of its age or mileage. Trust us to keep your Subaru performing like new, no matter its vintage!

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Explaining Brake Shoes

In vehicles equipped with drum-style brakes, the brake drum rotates in tandem with the wheel during operation. When you apply the brake pedal, the brake shoes expand and exert pressure outward against the drum’s inner surface. This action generates friction, which gradually decelerates the vehicle. However, as time passes, this friction will gradually erode the material on the brake shoes. Eventually, the friction material will wear away entirely, leaving bare metal surfaces to come into contact when braking. This not only diminishes the vehicle’s braking effectiveness but also poses a risk of significant issues elsewhere in the brake system. The absence of proper friction can lead to decreased stopping power and potentially cause damage to other brake components, compromising overall safety and performance. Therefore, it’s crucial to address worn brake shoes promptly to ensure optimal braking performance and prevent further complications.

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How Often Should You Replace Brake Shoes?

Determining the lifespan of your brake shoes isn’t an exact science. As a general guideline, it’s advisable to consider replacing them approximately every 35,000 miles. However, individual driving habits, road conditions, and vehicle specifications can influence this timeframe. If you’re uncertain about your car’s brake condition or the type of brakes it utilizes, simply visit our service department. Our expert technicians will conduct a comprehensive brake inspection to assess their condition accurately. Whether it’s routine maintenance or replacement, we’ll provide the necessary recommendations to ensure your vehicle’s safety and performance on the road.

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Experience the exceptional service at Byers Airport Subaru, where we’re dedicated to going the extra mile for you! Conveniently located just south of the airport and a short distance from Downtown Columbus, you can find us at 401 North Hamilton Road, Columbus, OH 43213. To schedule your appointment in advance, simply give us a call at the number listed above, or utilize our online scheduler by clicking here. With our online tool, you can easily discover the recommended service schedule tailored to your Subaru vehicle, ensuring it receives the care it deserves.

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At Byers Airport Subaru, our factory-trained technicians are prepared to tackle any repair, no matter how intricate or time-consuming. In our service center, you'll find a dedicated team of experts who intimately understand the inner workings of your Subaru, ensuring top-notch service unmatched by anyone else in Columbus. Using only genuine Subaru OEM parts, we provide high-quality repairs that are built to endure. Additionally, in the event of an accident, our Byers Collision Center is here to assist with bodywork and major frame repairs. We'll guide you through the insurance process and restore your vehicle to its former glory at a reasonable cost. Trust us to handle all your automotive needs with expertise and care.

The frequency of air filter replacement varies depending on your vehicle and driving conditions, making it crucial to seek guidance from our knowledgeable parts specialists or service advisers at Byers Airport Subaru. They can provide personalized recommendations tailored to your specific Subaru model and driving habits, ensuring that your engine continues to operate at its best while helping you achieve the best possible fuel mileage. Don't underestimate the impact of a clean air filter on your Subaru's performance and efficiency; trust genuine Subaru engine air filters from Byers Airport Subaru to keep your vehicle running smoothly mile after mile.