Subaru CV Axle Replacement Service Information in Columbus, OH

CV Axle Replacement Service Information at Byers Airport Subaru in Columbus, OH

CV Axle Replacement Service at Byers Airport Subaru in Columbus, OH

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A failed CV axle will cause your car to handle poorly, give you an uncomfortable ride and can even compromise your ability to safely control it. When a CV axle fails, you’re likely to notice a few symptoms — most notably, a tell-tale clicking noise when turning. If you notice intense vibrations as you drive along, grease collecting on the inside edge of your tires or a loud, repetitive, percussive clicking noise coming from the wheels as you turn, the CV axle is almost certainly to blame. Luckily, a full CV axle replacement isn’t an unusual procedure for the technicians at the Byers Airport Subaru service department. By simply replacing the entire axle, we’ll get your car driving down the road smoothly, safely and quietly. The way it’s supposed to feel. After all, you shouldn’t settle for anything less from your Subaru!

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What is a CV Axle & Why Does It Go Bad?

The “CV” in CV axle stands for “constant velocity.” The constant velocity axle is specially designed to deliver power from the engine to the front wheels while also allowing the wheels to turn, so you can steer the same wheels that are getting engine power. This is accomplished using a complex joint. To protect the joint, it’s wrapped in a rubber cover called a boot, and the boot is packed with lubricating grease. Over time, road debris and general wear and tear can cause the boot to tear, and let the grease seep out. Once the lubricating grease has completely oozed out of the boot, the joint won’t be protected. Metal parts will grind against one another and you’ll begin to hear the clicking noise we talked about above. Once this has happened, it’s usually necessary to just replace the entire axle. Consult with one of our friendly service advisors to get a price quote on this fairly commonplace service.

How to Contact the Byers Airport Subaru Service Center

Visit the Byers Airport Subaru service center and we’ll go the Xtra Mile for you! You’ll find us just south of the airport and a short drive from Downtown Columbus at 401 North Hamilton Road, Columbus, OH 43213. If you’d like to schedule your appointment in advance, you can give us a call at the number at the top of this page. Or, just click here to use our online scheduler and select an appointment window that fits your busy schedule.

Not sure when your vehicle is in need of maintenance? Use our online tool to find the service schedule recommended by Subaru for your vehicle.

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Why Your Dollar Goes Farther at the Byers Airport Subaru Service Center

There’s no repair too complex or too time-consuming for the factory-trained technicians at Byers Airport Subaru. In our service center, you’ll find our team of experts knows their way around your Subaru like no-one else in Columbus. What’s more, they’ll use genuine, tried-and-true Subaru OEM parts to carry out all repairs for a quality fix that’s sure to last. Even if you were in an accident, the Byers Collision Center is always on hand to carry out bodywork and major frame repairs. We’ll help you navigate the complicated insurance process and restore your vehicle to working order for less.

Don’t entrust something as important as your car to anyone but the best! We’ll show you what it means to go the Xtra Mile at the Byers Airport Subaru service center.