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In our authorized service center at Byers Airport Subaru, our technicians have seen just about everything that could go wrong with a car’s engine. One of the most common causes of serious engine damage is too much heat. You see, the internal combustion engine generates enough heat to distort metal, and that can quickly ruin an engine. That’s why gas engines are equipped with a sophisticated cooling system. Below, we discuss some of the more important things we think everyone who drives a car should know about an engine that’s running too hot. To get the matter solved once and for all, we invite you to schedule an appointment at our dealership service center in Columbus, OH.

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Why Does An Engine Overheat?

Usually, a car engine will overheat because something is wrong with the cooling system. This system circulates coolant that’s been chilling out in the radiator through channels that run around the engine and its cylinders. If there’s a lack of coolant or it’s not being pumped between the radiator and engine, things will quickly get too hot inside the engine. Another common cause of an engine overheating is a failed head gasket. You may have heard of this problem because fixing it is a labor-intensive task that involves taking at least half of the engine apart to replace the gasket.

Why You Shouldn’t Drive An Engine That’s Overheating

The various metal parts in your engine are engineered and machined with exceptional precision. If an engine overheats, these metal parts can quickly deform and never work properly again. This is why it’s important to turn off an engine as soon as the temperature gauge gets near the red or as soon as the engine temperature warning light comes on. There are those who may suggest that it’s better to leave an overheating engine running for a bit so the coolant keeps flowing. However, we’ve found that it’s better to stop adding more heat as soon as possible. Ultimately, an overheating engine doesn’t have to be a big deal so long as you shut the engine off at the first sign and have expert technicians solve the problem right away. It could be something as small and affordable as a leaky hose, which is much better than paying for major engine damage from overheating.

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