Subaru Windshield Wiper Replacement & Repair Information in Columbus, OH

Windshield wiper replacement service provided by Byers Airport Subaru

Keep Your Vision Clear with New Windshield Wipers

Close-up photograph of two windshield wipers.

Not all windshield wipers are created equal. You might consider your windshield wiper blades to be a throwaway item; they are easy to replace and you more than likely let them go until your vision is close to impaired. This isn’t the safest practice, and those wipers that you buy at the grocery store aren’t the same quality as an OEM pair of windshield wipers. Even if you handle the replacement yourself, it’s good to have a pair of windshield wipers that keep your vision clear. Inclement weather or sudden rain can obscure your vision, and if you can’t see, you’ll have no idea if there’s an obstacle up ahead. A streaky windshield might obscure your view of that parked car or shadowed pedestrian, leading to a disaster. If you’re looking for a pair of windshield wipers that can handle the elements and take on anything that smashes into your windshield, you’ll want to look into an OEM pair of wipers. Here at Byers Airport Subaru we only stock our parts department with genuine OEM parts and accessories, meaning those wiper blades are catered to the specific size of your windshield and are designed to hug the glass with each swipe, keeping the glass as clear as possible. If you want to see if your vehicle is due for a new set of wiper blades before your windshield reaches Streak City, you can stop in and have one of our service technicians examine them.

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There’s a lot more to windshield wipers than simply finding one that’s the right measurement or using a pair with flashy colors or cute designs. The “frame” style of a wiper is a critical component; this series of interconnected parts is an older design, versus the newer style of a “beam”. The arch of your windshield wiper is just as critical as the chemical component that goes into it. There’s a different arch for the front windshield versus the rear, and this varies from model to model. Some modern versions of windshield wipers even offer different sizes from the front wipers to give you the best coverage. If you select a pair from any old parts store, there’s a grocery list of options to choose from and you’ll have to figure out the specifics for yourself. But when you stop in and see us here in Columbus, our experts can handle the hard work for you so you pick a set that works right the first time. Since these wipers are made for Subaru models, you won’t have to worry about an uneven fit or blades that are too long or short to get the job done. Make the swap to a new set of wipers easier than ever and let our technicians handle the specifics for you.

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Normal Wear vs Extreme

Sometimes your wipers won’t last as long as others, even when they are great quality. If you drive in harsher conditions and use the blades more often, they will wear down faster just like any other component of your ride. The most obvious sign that it’s time for a replacement are streaks on the windshield. If you notice this issue on the front or back windows, it might be time to visit our service center and have a technician help you pick out a new pair. If you would like us to handle installing the replacement set, we are happy to do that as well. Visit us today here in Columbus and clear your vision for the road ahead.