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Genuine Subaru Timing Belt Replacement Service Information at Byers Airport Subaru in Columbus, OH

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The internal combustion engine inside a Subaru has a lot of rapidly moving parts — and they all need to operate perfectly in sync to deliver the performance you expect from the Subaru name. Most modern engines utilize a timing chain to physically link all the movements of the valvetrain and crankshaft together, so everything stays perfectly synchronised. A timing chain is designed to last for the whole expected life of the engine, and will only need to be inspected occasionally by a Subaru technician. However, timing belts will eventually wear out, and need to be replaced as they near the end of their life. Since most timing belts will start to show signs of wear at around 100,000 miles, Subaru recommends replacing the timing belt on your Subaru at 96,000 miles if it has one.

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Does My Subaru Have A Timing Belt?

If you drive a powerful Subaru WRX STI, that engine is equipped with a timing belt instead of a timing chain. All other 2021 Subaru models feature a reliable and long-lasting timing chain instead for ease of maintenance. However, if your Subaru is from the 2013 model year or older, be sure to check the owner’s manual or give us a call and let us look up the specifications of your particular Subaru model. Subaru models of that vintage were sometimes equipped with timing belts, which do require proactive maintenance.

What Happens If My Timing Belt Fails?

In some engines, nothing catastrophic will happen in the event of timing belt failure and simply stop running. However, most modern engines are called “interference engines,” in which both the pistons and valves occupy the same space in the combustion cylinder at different times. If the timing belt breaks, the system can come out of sync, and pistons can slam into valves causing catastrophic damage. Often, it spells the end of your engine entirely. That’s why it’s important to replace the timing belt before it starts to wear out!

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Do You Need An Appointment At The Service Center?

In most cases, if you need routine auto maintenance like an oil change, tire pressure adjustments, fresh wiper blades or a new air filter, you can simply drop by any time for fast, same-day service! But to make sure more involved maintenance is as seamless as possible to fit into your busy schedule, you can book your maintenance visit in advance. Or, give us a call with any questions and inquire about alternate transportation arrangements like our shuttle service and loaner cars.

What Are The Advantages Of Dealership Service For My Subaru?

At the Byers Airport Subaru Service Center, our team will treat you and your vehicle to the very best service available. That means extraordinary customer service from our friendly team to you. Whether you purchased a vehicle with us or not, our team can help you get the right care for your vehicle, your budget and your family’s ever-changing transportation needs. That’s why we have a comfortable customer lounge, online scheduling as well as special parts and service coupons — so you get an even better price when you choose Byers.

Best of all, since we use genuine OEM parts selected by Subaru for your vehicle, you can count on lasting quality and a perfect fit — often with Subaru factory warranty protection against premature failure. That’s a guarantee that you just can’t get from some cut-rate aftermarket components used by our competitors. Get real Subaru quality for your Subaru vehicle and continue to enjoy some of the longest-lasting, hardest-working engineering in the industry at Byers in Columbus, OH!