Tips on Choosing the Right Filling Station at Byers Airport Subaru

When you go out to eat a good meal, you probably don't just randomly choose whatever restaurant happens to be nearest to you. Yet many people treat gas stations that way, using proximity or price to determine which place to stop at. While these can be helpful considerations, and the closest filling station may be the one to use, there are other factors to take into account. Going back to our restaurant analogy, the diner down the street with the dirt-cheap prices may have great food, or it may get you really sick. In the same way, the local gas station may be a good place to fill up, or it may leave your car functioning poorly. Here are some tips to make sure that your Subaru is getting the high-quality gas it needs to function at its best.

What you should consider when choosing gas for your Subaru

3. Find a Reputable Filling Station

If you see a gas station that's in disrepair or not well maintained, you may not be getting the best quality gas. If proper upkeep isn't a priority, water may get into the underground tanks, diluting the gas and causing problems in your engine. Similarly, places selling gas at deep discounts may have received it from a less-than-honest supplier. You could be compromising the integrity of your car at a place like this, not to mention putting yourself in danger.

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2. Consider Using Top Tier Gas

As long as there hasn't been any contamination, the gasoline itself that's available in different gas stations won't be noticeably different. However, what a company adds can make a big difference. All companies must add detergent additives to the gasoline they sell; however, some companies go above and beyond by selling what's known as "Top Tier" gas. Top Tier gas has more and better additives that can help keep your engine cleaner. Finding a gas station that offers Top Tier gas may help your Subaru run better as the years go by.

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1. Choose the Right Pump

Once you've chosen the right filling station, make sure that you choose the right pump. This goes beyond not accidentally choosing diesel. Your Subaru owner's manual will have a recommended octane level that you should stick to; make sure that you follow this suggestion to get the cleanest and most efficient performance.

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