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Giving your Subaru the best care you can throughout its lifetime helps extend the overall longevity of your ride. We care about the health of your vehicle at Byers Airport Subaru, and our trained technicians understand the unique mechanics inside your ride to keep it running strong for years to come. Give us a call to speak to a service specialist or get on our schedule for a technician to handle any routine maintenance and repairs. Our technicians are factory-trained and certified beyond the standard ASE certification so you know your Subaru is getting the best care around. We dive deeper into large issues that cause concern so you get the full picture of what's going on with your vehicle. Let us help care for your vehicle at Byers Airport Subaru and know you're getting top quality auto care every time you visit.

Top-Notch Service at Byers Airport Subaru

We've taken care and serviced the Columbus, OH area for over the last 120 years providing top-notch service at Byers Airport Subaru. When you visit our dealership we strive to provide more than your generic run-of-the-mill services, and we go above and beyond to not only outfit you with the Subaru of your dreams, but we're here for the long run and we will help you care for your Subaru for all the years to come. From the moment you step into our dealership you're a part of the family, and our team will help you navigate the automotive world from sales to financing to our top quality service team. We do more than just sell cars; we make a lasting impression and create a relationship so you always have a service center and auto team you can rely on. Once you drive off the lot with your new or new-to-you ride, our service center and parts department are always open for your benefit. We only staff factory-trained and certified technicians in our parts and service departments, so you know you're talking with a Subaru specialist whenever you have service questions. Give us a call or stop in today to see what our service department is all about.

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Give your Subaru the care it truly deserves. Let our service center be your premier location for any maintenance or repairs on your ride, and you'll know top-notch specialists are handling the care of your vehicle. Our technicians are Subaru-savvy, and train to be certified in the unique mechanics behind Subaru automobiles. Keeping your ride in prime condition is a key part of extending the longevity of your purchase for years to come. Our technicians are trained to keep your Subaru performing at the highest level possible so you can continue cruising down highways or offroading on your latest adventure. When it's time for service give us a call to get on the books and have your Subaru looked at. We can help with routine issues or unexpected disasters, and we will diagnose any underlying issues we find so you know what's going on with your ride. Give your Subaru the best care you can in the Columbus area and get on our books. We can't wait to work with you at Byers Airport Subaru.

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Certified Subaru Service and Maintenance

As a Subaru owner you want to give your ride the best care out there. You may have a service center you've brought your vehicles to in the past, but only a Subaru dealership can provide you with Subaru-centric care that comes from factory-trained technicians. Instead of visiting different service shops for maintenance, repairs, and even tires, make our Subaru service center your one-stop shop for everything from maintenance to larger repairs. Our specialists are well-versed in the ins and outs of Subaru mechanics, and are certified in the latest and greatest advancements Subaru can offer. Instead of trusting a mechanic or maintenance shop that's a jack of all trades, have Subaru experts help maintain the life of your Subaru ride. Not only are our specialists top-notch, but we only utilize genuine Subaru parts and accessories, so the same quality goes back into your ride each time you visit. Third-party or generic auto shops cannot guarantee the same quality with their parts and services. Give us a call today to speak with one of our certified technicians and experience the care that comes from Subaru specialists.

Services We are Proud to Offer

Whenever you step foot onto our Columbus dealership you are going to have the incredible chance to work with professionals who are ready to help. Of course, we specialize in servicing and maintaining Subaru models, both newer and older options, but we are also the place to visit when it comes time to have any car, truck, or SUV serviced and maintained. Our staff members are ready to handle all sorts of different services and repairs, both routine and unexpected. We want to make sure that anything you need completed to keep your car, truck, or SUV running at the highest levels we can complete with ease.

Oil Changes

One of the most routine services available is an oil change and it is incredibly important to keep your car, truck, or SUV performing appropriately. Our staff will replace the old and worn-out oil in your engine and replace it with new oil that will keep your engine cleaner, cooler, and running smoother

Tire Changeover, Rotations, and Wheel Alignments

Aside from oil changes, tire rotations and changeovers are also incredibly important in making sure you are able to handle the roads ahead with poise. We can change your tires or install new ones when necessary, as well as rotating your tires at proper intervals to make sure they are worn properly and can last for many years or miles.

Brake Service and Maintenance

To make sure your car, truck, or SUV is ready to keep you safe and able to stop in a safe manner, you are going to love that our staff members can maintain and repair your brakes. Whether you need new brake pads, your brake lines flushed, or are looking for new calipers or rotors, we are going to be prepared to help!

Engine Repair

If you have felt a drop in power when you drive, it may be the result of your engine not performing properly and we are ready to repair and maintain your engine, even if that means you need an all new engine! We are able to diagnose the problems in your engine and make sure they can be repaired, be it something like installing a new head gasket or repairing the bottom end. We are ready and able to handle all sorts of engine repairs!

Transmission Service

When you are driving and notice that your car, truck, or SUV is having issues shifting into drive or reverse, or is not shifting smoothly, it may be a sign of a larger issue. Our staff members are ready perform all sorts of transmission services to keep your transmission running smoothly. If necessary, we can also offer drivers the chance to have their transmission replaced.

Enjoy Plenty of Service Specials and Coupons with Our Help

Servicing and maintaining your car, truck, or SUV can be a pricey endeavor depending on the work that needs to be completed, but when drivers like yourself throughout the New Albany, OH and Pickerington areas are looking to get the best service and maintenance, you are going to want to check out the different service specials and coupons we can offer! We are ready to bring you savings on all sorts of services, be it something routine like and oil change or something more labor-intensive like an exhaust system repair. But, be mindful because these coupons and specials are always evolving and changing so if you do not see something that fits your need, keep your eye out because there is a chance that soon there will be new specials and coupons available.


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