5. A Wide Range of Vehicle Options

Subaru presents a diverse lineup of vehicles designed to accommodate families and their beloved furry companions, regardless of their size. Whether you're part of a large family or have a big dog as your loyal sidekick, Subaru offers a model tailored to meet your specific needs. The expansive three-row Ascent SUV is perfect for families with larger dogs, providing ample space for everyone to travel comfortably. For those with smaller to medium-sized pets, Subaru's compact crossover SUV models like the Outback and Crosstrek offer a well-suited solution. Bid farewell to cramped and uncomfortable journeys, as Subaru ensures that every family, including their four-legged friends, can enjoy spacious and stress-free travel in a vehicle tailored to their size and requirements.

People hiking with their dog.

4. Unparalleled Safety Features

Subaru has earned widespread acclaim for its unwavering dedication to safety, consistently securing high ratings across its entire lineup. Notably, models such as the robust Outback crossover have achieved the esteemed IIHS Top Safety Pick+ status for an impressive five consecutive years. Similarly, the Impreza has maintained a flawless five-star rating across all safety tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for an amazing six-year period. With advanced driver-assist technology like Subaru EyeSight® integrated into its vehicles, Subaru provides the assurance that your family and furry companions are well-protected during your travels.

3. The Subaru Loves Pets Initiative

Subaru extends its influence beyond the automotive realm by actively endorsing organizations devoted to community well-being; spanning healthcare, education, and pet care. A prime example of Subaru's philanthropic efforts is the "Subaru Loves Pets" initiative, which not only backs events like "National Make a Dog's Day" but also aids shelters in their mission to re-home hard-to-adopt dogs. The dedication Subaru shows to pets is unmistakable, reflected in the incorporation of pet-friendly features in every model they manufacture.

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2. Pet Safety Prioritization

Subaru's commitment to safety encompasses not only human passengers but also their cherished pets. Only Subaru sponsored two studies conducted by The Center for Pet Safety, a non-profit organization, aimed at assessing the safety of common vehicle pet restraint products during crashes. The insights gleaned from these studies have been thoughtfully integrated into Subaru models, solidifying Subaru vehicles as the optimal choice for ensuring the safety of your canine companions. Furthermore, Subaru proudly stands as the largest sponsor of the ASPCA, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing animal cruelty. This underscores Subaru's steadfast dedication to keeping dogs and various other animals secure and content, both on and off the road.

1. Pet-Focused Accessories

Leveraging insights from research studies like those conducted by The Center for Pet Safety, Subaru has introduced a range of pet safety products tailored to ensure the well-being of your four-legged companions during travel. These accessories, designed with the same durability that characterizes all Subaru products, are easily accessible online. If you have any questions about these products or any other aspects related to Subaru models, feel free to reach out to us online or visit our physical location at 401 N. Hamilton Road in Columbus, Ohio. We're here to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have.

Trust Byers Airport Subaru for Your Automotive & Pet-Friendly Needs

At Subaru, we embrace pets as integral members of our community, fostering a dedicated network of pet enthusiasts. Opting for a Subaru isn't just about acquiring a dependable vehicle; it's about joining a family that prioritizes the safety and joy of your furry friends. Share your adventures with your pet and your Subaru on social media, utilizing the hashtag #SubaruLovesPets, and engage with like-minded pet owners who have chosen Subaru for their family's needs. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our community of Subaru owners who share a deep affection for their pets!

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