Specs and Features of Certified Pre-Owned Models of the Subaru WRX STI

Certified Pre Owned Subaru WRX STI Model Information

The distinctive and aggressive Subaru WRX is a rally-inspired all-wheel drive sports car that's been wildly popular among high performance driving enthusiasts for several years. But for those who will only be satisfied with the most powerful machine Subaru has to offer, a Certified Pre-Owned Subaru WRX STI from Byers Airport Subaru is just what the doctor ordered. Modified and tuned by the experts at Subaru Tecnica International, which is the Subaru high-performance team, the CPO WRX STI will deliver up to 300 horsepower of performance in a compact, affordable, and downright intimidating package. Feel for yourself the thrills of the CPO WRX STI during a test drive at Byers Airport Subaru, or keep reading to learn more. When you need mind-bending performance along with serious practicality and utility, the all-wheel drive Subaru WRX and WRX STI are great choices that are unmatched in their class.

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CPO Subaru WRX STI Design

The Certified Pre-Owned Subaru WRX STI: Exterior Design

Every Certified Pre-Owned Subaru WRX already sports a bold look with aggressive body features, and the signature hood scoop leading the way. But then, select models of the CPO STI add even more style with features like unique badging, 19" alloy wheels, and the STI oversized rear spoiler to set itself apart. You can also get standard LED Steering-Responsive Headlights for the best visibility, even during twilight and night driving on your favorite twisty road. The CPO Subaru WRX STI is a powerful and agile performance car, and it looks every bit of that role.

CPO Subaru WRX STI Technology

The Certified Pre-Owned Subaru WRX STI: Features and Technology

Even though it's a formidable sports car, that doesn't mean that a CPO Subaru WRX STI isn't still an enjoyable ride when you decide to take it easy on the G-forces. In newer models, you can enjoy a touchscreen multimedia system with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ to support your compatible smartphone or pad. Some units will also have either built-in navigation, and/or a premium audio system from Harman Kardon®.

The interior of any CPO Subaru WRX STI also has some sporty touches you'll appreciate. Many have a flat-bottomed, leather-wrapped STI steering wheel that provides outstanding feedback and feel on the track. Recaro® performance seats will help you stay comfortable in hard acceleration, deceleration, and cornering, while still providing comfortable seating positions for highway cruising. You'll find that the Certified Pre-Owned WRX STI is built for both excitement and comfort.

CPO Subaru WRX STI Safety

The Certified Pre-Owned Subaru WRX STI: Safety

The Subaru WRX lineup earned a 2021 Top Safety Pick award from the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), and a five-star overall safety rating from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). On certain Certified Pre-Owned models, PIN code access keeps your vehicle secure even when the key is inside. When it's inconvenient to keep your key on you, lock the key in the vehicle with your secret PIN number. Some units even have a blind spot monitor and rear cross-traffic alert to help keep you aware of traffic behind and around you as you drive. Choosing the CPO Subaru WRX STI means you get reassuring safety in addition to thrilling performance.

CPO Subaru WRX STI Performance

The Certified Pre-Owned Subaru WRX STI: Performance

With a higher boost in power than the base models of the Subaru WRX, a newer Certified Pre-Owned model of the Subaru WRX STI will crank out a formidable 310 horsepower and 290 lb-ft of torque from its turbocharged engine. The turbocharger in select CPO STI models provides more than 16 pounds of boost pressure, for lag-free responsiveness the moment you hit the gas. Best of all, the Symmetrical All Wheel Drive that Subaru is famous for constantly adjusts the distribution of all that power among all four wheels for optimal grip and control, so not an ounce of power goes to waste. Newer models sport a Driver-Controlled Center Differential, which you can use to manually vary the torque distribution to have either more rear-wheel-like drive characteristics on dry pavement, or a more balanced distribution on a dirt track or gravel road.

Unlike the standard WRX, which has the option of a CVT automatic transmission and paddle shifters, the CPO WRX STI is only available with the purity and responsiveness of a close-ratio manual transmission.

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The CPO Subaru WRX STI is a high-performance machine that makes no compromises. You can drive it every day, on every road, and outperform just about everyone. The WRX is itself an exciting car, but motoring enthusiasts, track day drivers, and road trip warriors who want even more power can satisfy their appetites with the Certified Pre-Owned Subaru WRX STI. Every Subaru is a great value in its own category, and choosing a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle takes that value up a couple more notches. Since it's passed a rigorous bumper-to-bumper inspection and received any repairs or refurbishments it may have needed before it even went onto our lot, you can be sure that your CPO Subaru WRX STI meets all of the high standards that Subaru demands. And ask our sales and finance representatives about coverage plans like the Subaru Added Security extended service plans, which are backed by Subaru Motor Vehicles of America. And if you ever want to part ways with your vehicle, you'll find out that a CPO Subaru has even less depreciation than a new one.

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