Explore the Subaru BOXER® Engine

The Subaru BOXER®  Engine | Flat. Smooth. Smart.

While many car manufacturers often use flashy names to mask the fact that their engines are essentially the same old designs used for years, the BOXER® engine stands out as a genuinely unique and exclusive power plant. Unlike typical engines found in most vehicles, the BOXER® engine is not just a clever name but a distinctive type of engine produced exclusively by one company—Porsche.

At Byers Airport Subaru, we take pride in offering a diverse range of Subaru models equipped with the exceptional Subaru BOXER® engine. The name “BOXER®” is derived from its horizontally opposed cylinder layout, resembling a boxer throwing horizontal punches. This innovative design has cylinders firing in opposite directions, leading to a natural cancellation of noise, vibration, and harshness without extra weights or moving parts. This enhances longevity and results in one of the smoothest-running engines ever developed. One key advantage of the BOXER® engine is its flat design, contributing to a low center of gravity. This lower center of gravity translates to improved safety, handling, and overall comfort, making it an ideal choice for drivers prioritizing performance and stability. The BOXER® engine is also renowned for its exceptional efficiency, offering a winning combination of power and fuel economy. If you’re eager to experience the excellence of the BOXER® engine firsthand, we invite you to visit Byers Airport Subaru and take one of our Subaru models for a test drive. Explore the innovation and performance that the BOXER® engine brings to our vehicles, and discover why it remains one of the top choices for discerning drivers.

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