Subaru Suspension System Information

Subaru Suspension System Engineering Research in Columbus, OH

Learn Why the Subaru Suspension Makes Subaru Models Perfect for Columbus, OH

Your Subaru is designed and built to take on the elements–and that includes the suspension! In fact, the Subaru suspension is specially designed to complement the low center of gravity provided by the Boxer engine and the Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Make the trip to Byers Airport Subaru to test drive a Subaru for yourself and feel the difference the Subaru suspension makes.

4-Wheel Independent Suspension

Whether you’re navigating the streets of Columbus or taking the back roads, every drive will be smoother thanks to the four-wheel fully independent suspension. This specially designed suspension feels tight and offers optimal control.

Double Wishbone Design

The double wishbone design of the suspension responds smoothly to tame out bumps, potholes, and more. If you want sharp control and a smooth ride, make a new Subaru with four-wheel independent suspension and the double wishbone design your first pick.