Understanding Your Vehicle’s Fuel System

Learn more about Subaru fuel system maintenance in Columbus, OH

Photo of maintenance work being performed on the fuel system.

When the fuel system of a vehicle experiences a complete failure, the car comes to a halt, rendering it immobile until the issue is rectified. However, there are also less critical fuel system problems that can occur, and recognizing the signs is essential. If you observe diminished acceleration or stuttering during acceleration in your Subaru, one potential culprit could be the fuel system. Additionally, issues such as decreased fuel efficiency and engine stalling can also stem from fuel system problems. Regrettably, these symptoms may arise from various underlying causes, necessitating a diagnostic test to pinpoint the exact issue. Meanwhile, adopting certain practices can contribute to maintaining a healthy fuel system and minimizing the likelihood of future complications.

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Opt for Premium Gasoline

One of the simplest measures you can take to support your fuel system is opting for premium gasoline sourced from a reputable service station. This ensures that you consistently fill your tank with the highest quality fuel available. Premium gasoline not only minimizes the buildup of ash deposits within your fuel system but also enhances your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Interestingly, commonly available fuel additive products over the counter are often less effective than perceived. Hence, there’s no real necessity to incorporate them into your fueling routine.

Adhere to the Recommended Service Schedule

While maintaining a properly functioning fuel system is crucial, it’s not necessary to have it inspected during every routine maintenance appointment. Subaru suggests a fuel system inspection every 30,000 miles. This regularity enables a skilled technician to identify any potential issues in their early stages, preventing them from escalating into more significant and costly problems. When your odometer hits 72,000 miles, it’s advisable to have the fuel filter replaced, regardless of its outward appearance. This step ensures constant safeguarding of your fuel injection and cylinders against potential contamination from debris that might reside within your fuel tank. If you’re not meticulously maintaining a record of various maintenance activities and their intervals— a practice that is admittedly uncommon— opting for regular maintenance at Byers Airport Subaru proves particularly beneficial. We take the responsibility of tracking all your maintenance details and sending you timely reminders for your Subaru’s service appointments.

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Get On Our Books Today

One positive aspect to consider is that each and every automotive technician within the service division at Byers Airport Subaru has undergone rigorous training, examination, and certification through Subaru Motors of America. This comprehensive training equips them with an in-depth understanding of every intricate component and detail of your specific Subaru model. With a profound grasp of its inner workings, they harness cutting-edge diagnostic tools to swiftly pinpoint the root causes of any issues. For a spectrum of maintenance requirements ranging from new wiper blades and oil changes to comprehensive 4-wheel alignments, you can confidently entrust your Subaru to us. Often, standard maintenance tasks can be accommodated without the need for a prior appointment. However, if you seek a prompt completion after dropping off your vehicle or anticipate a service of greater significance beyond routine maintenance, we recommend securing an appointment a couple of days in advance. This foresight ensures we have ample time to comprehensively address the needs of your Subaru. Scheduling an appointment is seamless; you can either click the “Schedule Service Now” button on this page, reach out to our service department via the phone number displayed at the top of this page, or visit us in person at 401 North Hamilton Road in Columbus. In instances where the service duration extends beyond expectations, rest assured, as we offer transportation options or loaner vehicles to keep you mobile.