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Air Conditioning System Service Information in Columbus, OH

Keep cool all summer long with A/C system service for your car at Byers! A/C systems use a special chemical refrigerant to help keep you cool as you drive on hot days. Occasionally, the vehicle will need to be refilled (or “recharged”) with more of this chemical. Doing so safely and correctly requires special tools and experience. Cut-rate products that might be available at the big box store or used by the neighborhood mechanic might not get the job done, and could even do damage to your vehicle! Instead, get this job done the right way at the Byers Airport Subaru service center.

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How Does Air Conditioning Work On Modern Cars?

Electric cars are different, but modern Subaru vehicles with BOXER® gasoline engines typically use a belt-driven A/C compressor. As the engine spins, it also drives a belt, which spins a pulley on the compressor mounted elsewhere in the engine bay. This pushes A/C refrigerant through the system, so it can draw heat and humidity out of the cabin and replace it with cool, dry air. Over time, this refrigerant will leach out of the system, and the A/C will stop working.

How Often Does My Vehicle’s A/C System Need Maintenance?

For best performance and the cleanest air in the cabin free of smog and odors, Subaru recommends replacing the cabin air filter every 12,000 miles. A clogged air filter can choke the HVAC system and cause the vehicle’s air conditioning and heating systems to perform poorly.

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Beyond that, you may one day come to find that the air coming out of the vents isn’t as cold as you expect. Over time, this will exacerbate until the A/C system isn’t working at all. All vehicles are different, and all cars lose A/C refrigerant at different rates. Once your vehicle’s A/C system stops working, stop by to have the system recharged with fresh refrigerant. When we’re through, you’ll get ice-cold air coming strong from the vents again for thousands of miles to come.

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Need a quick oil change, have questions for our technicians or need emergency repairs? Just give us a call or swing by our service center. For maintenance your vehicle needs soon, schedule your appointment in advance right here on our site and pick the time that works in your busy schedule! Be sure to ask about shuttle service or loaner vehicles if you need alternate transportation. At Byers, we make it easy to get the very best service for your Subaru.

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Why Get Service For Your Subaru At An Authorized Dealership Service Center?

You can always expect the highest quality and best value when you choose a genuine Subaru service center like ours at Byers Airport Subaru. Unlike the corner mechanic, or the quick-lube chain location, we use genuine Subaru parts and components for all repairs and services. That means you can count on the best fit and uncompromising quality no matter what work your vehicle needs done. We can perform all warranty repairs to manufacturer specifications. We can install genuine Subaru accessories, audio upgrades, and even performance improvements. We’re your one-stop shop for all the work your Subaru needs. Best of all, since we can keep your car on the road longer with better-quality parts and fewer follow-up visits, you’ll even get better value for money over the long haul. Let us show you a better way to care for your car at Byers Airport Subaru.