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Subaru Cabin Air Filter Replacement Service Information

It’s one of the most important routine maintenance procedures for your car — and one that’s often overlooked. But rather than have you breathe in the smog and exhaust fumes on the city’s highways, your car filtrates the air that comes through the climate control vents. And just like the filter in the furnace at home, your car’s cabin air filter needs to be regularly replaced to be effective. It captures harmful particles and odors so you can breathe easy as you drive!

How Often Should I Have The Air Filter Replaced?

If you’ve ever been harangued by the guy at the quick-lube oil change place about needing another filter, you might question how often this thing really needs to be changed. Instead, at Byers Airport Subaru, we simply defer to the manufacturer’s recommendations. We know exactly how to best care for your Subaru, because we listen to the people that built it. For example, according to the Subaru factory, the cabin air filter on the 2016 Subaru Forester should be replaced every 12,000 miles. This ensures you get the best filtration and climate control performance. We’ll help you keep track of all the maintenance your car needs here in our service center — and carry it all out according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. For the most reliable capability from your Subaru for years to come.

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When you need an everyday repair, like an oil change, tire rotation or filter replacement, just swing by our service center anytime for fast, expert service. You’ll find our service department at 401 N. Hamilton Road, Columbus, OH. Or, to make a more involved repair easier to fit into your busy schedule, simply make an appointment online for your next service visit!

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Reliability counts when it comes to your car. After all, you count on it every day to make your life happen. When you choose the quality parts and expert technicians at the Byers Airport Subaru service center, you’re getting reliability you can trust. It’s the kind of reliability you don’t necessarily get at the national franchise oil change place or local mechanic. That’s because we use genuine Subaru OEM components, which are built to the brand’s exacting quality and durability standards. Our team of factory-trained technicians know exactly how to care for your car, with all the latest service bulletins, tools, materials and recall information. Whether it’s new or old, whether it’s got 2,000 miles on the odometer or 200,000, the place to go for the best care of your Subaru is Byers Airport Subaru.

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