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Keep Your Engine Cool With a Coolant Service at Byers Airport Subaru in Columbus, OH

It really doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside, the temperature in your engine gets incredibly hot when running. Because of this, your engine is equipped with a sophisticated cooling system which should be serviced periodically. Come see our Service Center at Byers Airport Subaru for a convenient and expert coolant system service.

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Why Does Your Vehicle Need a Coolant Service?

The coolant that keeps your engine from overheating is a specific fluid designed not to freeze in the winter and to remove dangerous heat from your engine. Over time, engine coolant will break down and not only become less effective but, when neglected, it can also increase the risk of corrosion in your engine. Engine coolant is critical to avoid serious and expensive damage so come by our Service Department at Byers Airport Subaru for expert coolant system service.

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How Often Should You Bring Your Vehicle In For Coolant System Service?

The frequency at which you should have your engine’s coolant system serviced really depends on a variety of factors that are different for every engine and driver. This is why we suggest you speak with one of our courteous service advisers for a coolant system service schedule that best fits you and your vehicle.

Contact Info to Schedule Coolant System Service

Here at Byers Airport Subaru, we make scheduling your next coolant system service easy right here online. We are also happy to answer your questions and schedule a coolant system service when you call (877) 265-9695. Of course, you can always stop by our convenient location for a coolant system service at 401 North Hamilton Road, Columbus, OH 43213.

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