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Engine Cooling System Service Information in Columbus, OH

Modern car engines generate a ton of heat, but cooler heads prevail thanks to the cooling system. It cools off all the parts of your engine that get hot, including but not limited to the cylinder heads. By using fluid dynamics to absorb engine heat and exchange it with the outside air, modern engines can run stronger, longer at safe temperatures. An engine that overheats could quickly sustain major damage! If your engine is running hot, don’t delay and speak with a knowledgeable service writer at Byers Airport Subaru about your vehicle. Learn more below.

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What Parts Of My Engine Cooling System Need Service?

The fluid inside the system will need to be exchanged regularly. Other than that, the cooling system doesn’t need much if any preventative maintenance. Subaru just recommends having a qualified technician inspect the system’s belts, hoses and fittings every 30,000 miles to check for problems.

However, over time, parts like the thermostat and radiator cap can wear out, preventing the car from properly regulating coolant flow and pressure. The radiator can become clogged, corroded or rusted and fail to exchange heat properly. Hoses or fittings could crack and come loose, leading to a coolant leak. If you detect leaking coolant on your vehicle, or the engine is having trouble staying cool, have the system evaluated by a technician right away.

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How Often Should I Change The Coolant On My Subaru?

According to Subaru, the Subaru Long Life Super Coolant used in the latest Subaru models is good in your vehicle for the first 11 years or 137,500 miles. For the best longevity of your engine, you should have the cooling system flushed and refilled at that time. Then, you’ll need a subsequent coolant exchange service every 6 years or 75,000 miles thereafter. This will keep the odometer on your Subaru turning and turning and turning!

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You can always expect the highest quality and best value when you choose a genuine Subaru service center like ours at Byers Airport Subaru. Unlike the corner mechanic, or the quick-lube chain location, we use genuine Subaru parts and components for all repairs and services. That means you can count on the best fit and uncompromising quality no matter what work your vehicle needs done. We can perform all warranty repairs to manufacturer specifications. We can install genuine Subaru accessories, audio upgrades, and even performance improvements. We’re your one-stop shop for all the work your Subaru needs. Best of all, since we can keep your car on the road longer with better-quality parts and fewer follow-up visits, you’ll even get better value for money over the long haul. Let us show you a better way to care for your car at Byers Airport Subaru.