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Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that connects with the pavement. Uneven roads, potholes and debris on the roadway can wreak havoc on your tires and wheels. And these two parts are different, although the terms are often used synonymously: tires are the rubber circle that touches the road, while wheels are the rims they are affixed to. Whenever you drive over a rough surface, or if you happen to hit the curb more often than not, your wheels and tires can be damaged and with enough bumps you can even knock them out of alignment.

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When alignment is wrong, your vehicle may pull to one side or the other, and your tires can be affected when they aren’t positioned properly to the road. Uneven wear can result in one or more tires needing an early replacement, and if you have a vehicle sporting the Subaru-exclusive symmetrical all-wheel drive you’ll want to have all tires replaced at once for the best performance quality. Not to mention that tires out of alignment and wearing unevenly can pose dangerous and hazardous conditions out in the roadway that would be better to prevent. Luckily, there are steps you can take to avoid disaster. Maintaining the integrity of your wheels and tires is a big step in the right direction. At Byers Airport Subaru we’re here to help you keep your wheels and tires going as long as they can.

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Proper wheel maintenance can go a long way. From the moment a new set of tires is placed on your vehicle, barring any surprise accidents or conditions, they are set to last you for a couple of years. If you maintain them with a tire rotation, balancing and alignment, you can safely stretch your investment over the lifetime of your tires. By rotating your tires, wear is dispersed more evenly all around, and if you knock into a curb every once in a while one tire isn’t taking every blow. And a tire rotation helps with the overall tread quality across all 4 tires. If you’ve ever noticed a vibrating sensation while driving at high speeds, chances are you’re due for a wheel balance. Balancing your wheels means the weight of your ride is evenly distributed and when you complete your tire and wheel care with an alignment, you’ll notice your vehicle is easier to handle. Overcompensation for a noticeable pull is a thing of the past when you’re properly aligned. Your wheels will stay in place facing forward with little to no help from you when alignment is in order.

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When you think of tires, dollar signs usually pop up and people shy away. But basic tire and wheel maintenance can help keep a complete tire replacement at bay for a while longer. When you present this coupon at the time of your service, you’ll get a tire rotation, wheel balance and 4-wheel alignment for only $99.95!