Understanding Your Vehicle’s Starter System

Byers Airport Subaru Starter Repair or Replacement Service Information

No matter the might of an engine within an automobile, it necessitates assistance to roar to life. This doesn’t entail a cup of coffee or an energy drink. Just as a campfire requires air and a match, your engine mandates air, compression, and a spark to initiate its four-step ignition sequence. This is where the starter enters the scene. It emerges as a petite electric motor, energized by the battery. Initiating the ignition by turning the key or pressing the start button prompts the starter to engage the flywheel. The flywheel’s kinetic energy sets the engine into motion, permitting the intake of air into the cylinders and the commencement of the combustion process—ultimately allowing the engine to operate autonomously. When this cycle unfolds smoothly, it occurs rapidly, often eluding notice.

Photo of a Subaru vehicle's interior dash section.

However, any hiccup in its operation becomes quite apparent. An extended engine start time triggers conspicuous signs—whether it’s a resounding whir or grinding noise or, in more concerning instances, a series of rapid clicks with no subsequent ignition. Upon encountering these auditory cues, the prospect of the vehicle not starting at all becomes substantial. Naturally, a range of factors can contribute to starting difficulties. Therefore, it’s advisable to promptly schedule a visit to the service department at Byers Airport Subaru when unusual noises or delays in starting manifest. Our factory-trained and certified technicians will conduct a diagnostic assessment, ensuring your vehicle’s prompt restoration to optimal functionality.

What is the Lifespan of A Starter?

Typically, a starter has a lifespan of approximately 100,000 miles. However, this duration can vary depending on your driving habits. If you frequently embark on short trips, your engine goes through more start cycles within that 100,000-mile span compared to someone who primarily undertakes long commutes. As an industry rule of thumb, a starter is generally designed to endure around 80,000 start cycles before exhibiting signs of wear and tear. Weather also plays a role in this equation. Starters tend to operate more efficiently in warmer climates. Consequently, starters in regions with milder weather tend to enjoy extended longevity. Conversely, the winter season often ushers in an influx of vehicles in the Columbus area experiencing starter-related issues, as the colder weather can pose challenges to their functionality.

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Trust Byers Airport Subaru for Your Starter Service Needs

Avoiding algebraic calculations to factor in start cycles and temperature changes is completely understandable. If you’re not inclined to delve into those complexities, you’re not alone. Opting for a simpler approach to monitor the health of your starter is advisable – just ensure all your routine maintenance is carried out at the service department of Byers Airport Subaru. By doing so, we meticulously record all inspections and services performed in our system. This intelligent system then keeps track of upcoming scheduled maintenance and the specific parts and systems to inspect during each visit. This enables us to send you timely reminders for scheduled inspections, ensuring that no important aspect is overlooked. When you entrust your Subaru to our service center, you can take comfort in knowing that it’s receiving top-tier treatment. Our adept automotive technicians are all certified by Subaru Motors after undergoing rigorous training and testing, granting them an unparalleled understanding of your specific model. We exclusively employ genuine Subaru parts and approved fluids, guaranteeing that your car or SUV maintains the same high-quality components it was equipped with from the outset. To schedule an appointment with our service center, you have multiple options: you can click the “Schedule Service Now” button, give us a call at the phone number displayed at the top of the page, or visit us in person at 401 North Hamilton Road in Columbus. Regardless of your chosen approach, we are enthusiastic about serving you and ensuring your vehicle’s optimal performance.

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