Power Steering Fluid Replacement Service in Columbus

Read below to learn about a power steering fluid exchange at Byers Airport Subaru.

Photograph of a steering wheel and instrument cluster of a Subaru.

Modern cars are designed with advanced power steering racks to ensure a comfortable driving experience and easy control. These racks are powered by hydraulic pressure provided by power steering fluid, which assists in turning the wheels. However, if your vehicle experiences a power steering leak or pump failure, it will require repair to perform optimally. When you bring your vehicle into the Byers Airport Subaru service center, we’ll provide expert repair services for power steering systems using only genuine OEM parts directly from Subaru. Our high-quality components ensure that your vehicle remains in excellent condition for years to come and you can trust that our repairs will provide lasting quality and reliability.

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What Are the Symptoms of Power Steering Trouble?

In the event that the power steering system malfunctions in your vehicle, maneuvering the wheel can become an arduous task. The root cause of this issue can be attributed to either damage or a depleted supply of power steering fluid resulting from a leak. In addition, you may notice subtle and sporadic indications that your power steering system is deteriorating if it is just starting to fail. For instance, turning the car in a particular direction may become more strenuous or the steering range may become restricted, accompanied by grinding noises when the steering wheel is turned all the way. Another possible sign is a sticky or sluggish feeling when turning the steering wheel, which improves only after the vehicle has warmed up, These symptoms may indicate the presence of obstructions within the system that impedes the flow of power steering fluid.

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How Often Do I Need My Power Steering Fluid Exchanged?

Recommendations for how often you may need power steering service are hard to nail down as they’re dependent on the type of driving conditions you face every day. A good rule of thumb to follow, however, is having a close inspection of the steering and suspension systems done every 12,000 miles or whenever you stop into the service center for an oil change. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, don’t hesitate to contact our technicians at the Byers Airport Subaru service center and we’ll take a closer look to determine the issue.

Do I Need An Appointment At the Service Center?

If you’re in the neighborhood and you decide to drop by for routine maintenance such tire pressure adjustments, fresh wiper blades, a new air filter, or an oil change, in most cases we can get you in and out without an appointment. However, to make sure the more involved maintenance procedures go as seamlessly as possible, it’s recommended to schedule a visit in advance. You can do this online, by giving us a call, or stopping by our dealership in Columbus. If your service will take a little longer than normal, we can always set you up with alternative transportation like our convenient shuttle service or a loaner car.

What Are the Advantages of Dealership Service for My Subaru?

At Byers Airport Subaru, we strive to give you and your vehicle the very best service available. Whether you purchased your vehicle with us or not, our experts in the service center can help get you the care that’s perfect for your car or SUV that’s within your budget. We have a comfortable customer lounge for you to take advantage of while your vehicle is being serviced as well as monthly service coupons for you to use to save money. Best of all, we always use only genuine OEM parts approved by Subaru so you can rest assured that your vehicle is getting the best quality and fit put back in. Get real Subaru quality for your SUbaru vehicle and continue to enjoy some of the longest-lasting, hardest-working engineering in the industry at Byers Airport Subaru in Columbus.