Subaru Water Pump Replacement Service Information in Columbus, OH

Subaru Water Pump Replacement Service Information in Columbus, OH

What To Expect When Getting Your Subaru Water Pump Replaced At The Dealership

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Thanks to some of the best automotive engineering in the world, Subaru models continue to earn awards from independent experts for their low cost to own. It’s why so many Subaru models continue to be reliable after a great many miles. If you notice the temperature gauge in your Subaru starting to ride a little high, it’s probably time to have the cooling system looked at. Fortunately, our authorized Subaru service center is staffed with factory-trained technicians with the experience and knowledge necessary to properly diagnose any problems.

There are a few important components in your engine’s cooling system that could cause the temperature to rise beyond what’s good for the vehicle. One of the most important parts of this system is the water pump. So, what is the water pump? How do you know if it’s bad? Will this be an expensive fix? Below, we look at these questions and offer further information on what you can expect from a Subaru water pump replacement at our dealership service center in Columbus, OH.

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What Is The Water Pump In Your Car & What Does It Do?

Subaru BOXER® engines are some of the most advanced and efficient gas engines in the world. When it comes to keeping these engines at a safe operating temperature, a liquid coolant is circulated between the hot engine and the radiator where it is cooled down. In any modern gas engine, it’s not a good idea to run straight water in the cooling system, but we still call the part that circulates the coolant a water pump. It’s something of a holdover from when gas engines were cooled by water.

If the water pump fails, the coolant will no longer be circulated and cooled down in the radiator. Typically, that results in the coolant reaching its boiling point, which means increased pressure. You know that big cloud of steam that often accompanies an overheating engine? That’s the pressure being released. That scalding steam is also why you should never take the radiator cap off a hot or overheating engine.

How Do You Know If Your Engine Needs A New Water Pump?

Where an overheating engine comes with a variety of warning signs, the cause isn’t always as obvious. A bad water pump is just one of many potential reasons that an engine overheats. If the water pump is bad, you might notice a significant coolant leak that looks to be coming from the front of the engine. This is typically due to the bearing in the water pump going bad and allowing coolant to escape. There’s also a chance that you’ll hear the bearing go bad, but you might not. Whatever the case, we strongly recommend that you don’t drive your vehicle when it’s overheating or leaking any fluids in significant amounts.

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At our Subaru dealership service center, we make it as easy and convenient as possible to take the absolute best care of your ride. For more involved maintenance and repair, we recommend scheduling an appointment online. However, quicker maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations shouldn’t take long if you’d like to swing by and wait a few minutes in our comfortable customer lounge. Give us a call with any questions or simply reach out to us right here online. We look forward to taking care of you and your ride at Byers Airport Subaru in Columbus, OH.

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Why Bring Your Subaru To A Certified Dealership For Maintenance, Service & Repair?

Subaru models are engineered to be among the longest-lasting and highest-quality vehicles throughout the world. It’s why you shouldn’t trust just any mechanic with the care of your ride. Sure, there are good mechanics out there that don’t work at dealerships, and some of them might even maintain some Subaru certifications. However, you’re not likely to find such mechanics at your local oil-and-tune franchise car maintenance garage. Instead of rolling the dice with who’s turning a wrench on your car and what parts they’re using, consider a better option that removes any doubt.

In our authorized Subaru service center, you’ll find expert technicians that have been extensively trained in all things Subaru. No one knows the flat Subaru BOXER® engine or the renowned Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system better than these factory-trained technicians. What’s more, we’ll only use genuine OEM Subaru parts, fluids, and products when taking care of your car. That way, you can count on the same stringent engineering standards that your Subaru rolled off the production line with. Find more information about Subaru service, repair, and maintenance in our other service articles, and please give us a call or swing by if you have any questions.