Subaru Starlink™ to Include Magellan® SmartGPS Navigation

January 10th, 2016 by

Have you ever been following your GPS, only to realize that it doesn’t match the road you’re seeing in front of you? Maybe prior construction has added a new fork in the road, or the street on your map is no longer there. Either way, you’ve found yourself confused, possibly lost, at the mercy of an out-of-date GPS. Well, that worry is a thing of the past now that Subaru has added Magellan® SmartGPS navigation to the Subaru Starlink™ platform.

This addition gives a super-powered boost to the Subaru cars featuring the already impressive Starlink platform, like the Subaru Forester and Subaru Legacy. A cloud-based mapping system ensures that Magellan’s GPS maps are never outdated, giving you piece of mind as you head out to new destinations. Pierre Parent, President of Magellan, was excited to announce the news, saying “Magellan is honored that its SmartGPS navigation has been selected by a company as innovative and well-known as Subaru to be the GPS navigation solution for its future vehicles.”

Navigation is only one of the Starlink platform’s helpful features. The system adds an increased level of safety to the car with Automatic Collision Notification, which alerts a Starlink Customer Care Advisor if an airbag is deployed in your vehicle. SOS Emergency Assistance is there for you to alert an advisor manually, for those emergencies that don’t trigger the airbags. And Enhanced Roadside Assistance is there for nonemergency situations. Further solidifying Starlink as your trusty partner are the Monthly Vehicle Health Reports—comprehensive diagnostic reports on all of your car’s key systems—as well as Diagnostic Alerts, which let you know if there’s an issue that needs your attention and how to resolve it.

Starlink is also available in Subaru Outback, Crosstrek, and Impreza models. Head on in to Byers Airport Subaru today to learn more about these great vehicles.

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